Thursday, February 16, 2012

A new recipe for happiness

Botox braking frontal muscle deceives the brain and prevents the occurrence of unpleasant emotions.
Botox has previously considered the elixir of youth, but perhaps it could become the new recipe for happiness.Psychologists have already noticed that most people are after a better mood Botox treatments, which are attributed to their satisfaction with the new look and a more positive view of ourselves as a whole. Although it probably plays a role, recent studies show that the mechanism in a better mood after botox injections for wrinkles smoothing followed by a surprising side effects.

Research conducted under the guidance of David Havasu psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that Botox injections relieve negative emotions. Dr. David Havas group of patients examined immediately after the Botox treatment, and repeated the test two weeks later. During both sets of tests, there were patients' responses and their reactions to a series of statements. By completing the questionnaire, it turned out that patients who received Botox significantly less irritable, depressed and anxious. Although there was no change in response to happy events, patients treated with Botox should have a longer period of time to express anger or sadness.

Mimic - driving emotion

Incredibly, the frontal muscle Botox braking fool the brain and prevents unpleasant emotions with which these facial expressions are related. Therefore, removal of 'sad' facial expressions botox potentially can affect mood.Even Charles Darwin himself, the father of the modern theory of evolution has contributed to finding this recipe for happiness because it is believed that the facial expression is very important for the experience of emotion. Just as our expression depends on how we feel, the emotional response of the brain, including the depressed mood is important and mimic.

American dermatologist Eric Finzi also spent a bit of research in his clinic, which included patients with symptoms of depression. After injecting the substance was noticed that the majority of patients significantly improved mood.Although the dr. Finzi said that more study is needed to draw scientific conclusions, is convinced of the accuracy of the results of this small trial.

Fashion is out frown

Regardless of whether Botox treatment has a direct effect on mood, or is the mood swings only a secondary consequence of botox treatment, botox cosmetic effect, together with the emotional will gradually disappear after a few months, making it necessary to repeat treatment to maintain patient satisfaction in the same level.

Botox injections will never be a complete substitute for antidepressants, but if you Botox treatments can cheer you up when you see immediate results izglađenih pine it is irrelevant whether you laugh because you're lucky, or are you happy because you laugh - say doctors from the Institute of Aesthetics

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